Spider Mountain is an exciting way for children to challenge themselves as they find their way up through and out of the WEB. Upon completing this challenge, they then have the option of descending a slide or climbing and squirming back down through the webbing. Spider Mountain uses all aspects of the body's psychomotor and balancing skills as the participants stretch, wiggle, and climb to the top. 

Shape options for Spider Mountain include oval, round, octagonal, rectangular, square, and semi-circle. The semi-circle shape is the perfect option for when space is at a premium. All exposed hard surfaces are enclosed in 4-inch padding and the entire attraction is netted. With very few parts to replace, as well as its extreme stability due to its metal substructure, there are very low maintenance costs associated with this attraction.Having sold hundreds of versions of Spider Mountain worldwide, it is safe to say that Spider Mountain can pay for itself in a short period of time. 

Combo Features:
· May accommodate up to 25 participants at once
· Indoor / Outdoor
· Mobile or Stationary
· Small footprint
· Any height, any shape
· No harnessing required
· Optimal spectator value
· Low Maintenance Costs
· Industrial epoxy paint to prevent rust
· Only ONE Operator required for the standard model
· All padded and enclosed with netting
· Custom color padding
· Kids are challenged and excited
· Set up time 45 minutes (for mobile units)
· Detachable trailer
· 8'W x 24' H Standard size. May be customized to any height or width.