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The perfect jumping system for your facility or business. With our extensive range of Bungee Trampoline systems, Vertical Reality can design a version that will fit your needs and budget. Bungy Trampoline systems can be either mobile or stationary, and indoor or outdoor. 

The participant is first centered on one of our inflatable trampolines, then secured in a custom, adjustable padded harness by a trained operator. The combination of multiple power cords and an electric winch allows for maximum safety and redundancy which boosts the jumpers’ ability to catapult up to 24 feet in the air! The jumpers can now perform front and back somersaults as well as reach heights that would normally be impossible. Vertical Reality's Easy Pole Lift System ensures quick and easy set-up and minimizes breakdown time. For smaller footprints and budgets, our self-standing 1-2 station portable system requires no additional anchoring.

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