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Convert your existing Bungy Trampoline system into a brand new revenue generator!

Upgrade / Retrofit your existing Bungy trampoline system with Vertical Reality’s trend setting Log Roller™. The combination of an electric winch and power cords allow the LumberJack or LumberJill to stay upright while running and sprinting backwards and forwards as the log spins!  Spin and run on your own or compete against a fellow Log Roller before their opponent topples!


The Bungy lifting system helps position the LumberJack or LumberJill onto the log and enables them to run and sprint while trying to stay upright. Vertical Reality Log Roller™ systems can be mobile or stationary, for indoor and outdoor use.


Vertical Reality's Log Roller™ set ups are interchangeable with Vertical Reality Bungy Trampolines so you only need to purchase the Log Roller™ kit to be up and running.


Easily sets up in under an hour with 2 attendants

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