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Mobile & Stationary

Pioneering the rock-climbing revolution in the '90's, Vertical Reality, the originators of the mobile rock-climbing wall, have consistently manufactured the safest and most reliable rock climbing systems available worldwide. We provide a variety of options when it comes to selecting the perfect climbing wall for your facility or business. Vertical Reality offers an extensive range of either mobile or stationary climbing systems that can be designed to any height and any budget. 

Vertical Reality uses the term "auto-belay" to describe its automated belaying system which use a pressurized air/oil hydraulic process that automatically controls the rate of descent without effecting the rate of ascent. The participant climbs at their own pace. This system eliminates the need to rely upon a human belayer for every climber. This allows a single person to supervise up to five climbers at a time which translates into huge labor savings! 

Vertical Reality is globally recognized and approved by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). We are considered the safest, most advanced, user-friendly Auto Belay design system on the market. Vertical Reality's Auto-Belay designs are currently used in many profitable climbing environments. Commercial applications in Six Flags, Cirque Du Soleil, ESPN, Universal Studios as well as many other satisfied customers around the world.

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