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When was the last time your FEC, Amusement Park, Mobile Business or Adventure Facility had a maintenance checkup? Keeping up with regular maintenance not only extends the life of your facility, it’s a key component to a well-rounded risk management plan.


With Vertical Reality, you have a perennial partner that can provide a wide range of services, from yearly inspections to routine maintenance to staff training. Our commitment to quality results in lasting solutions that keeps your course in compliance with ASTM standards.

With a routine maintenance plan and up-to-date inspections, you can reduce the risk of costly unexpected repairs down the road and streamline your pre-season priorities.


If you're in need of routine maintenance for your Rock Climbing Wall, Zip Line or Aerial Park, please give us a call at 305 238 4522 or email to get in touch with a Vertical Reality Mfg representative and schedule a consultation appointment.



With the timing of any new season, here are three things to consider before you open your facility:


1. Make a detailed maintenance plan.

2. Schedule annual inspection from Vertical Reality.

3. Schedule required maintenance and repairs as soon as possible.

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